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  • Communication Apis For Sms, Voice, Video & Authentication

    When assessing this problem, Uber and their media team at MediaCom discovered that using Display & Video 360 would give them access to the most important and most various pool of stock sources – from display and video to audio and related TV . Because stock is difficult to come back by and costly round […]

  • The Uber Advert Fraud Story + Tips For Stopping Fraud

    The overwhelming sentiment from Austin residents was that they didn’t like that ridesharing firms had been attempting to “buy the election” and basically rewrite the city ordinance governing background checks for drivers. The rideshare firms used bullying tactics, a threatening tone, and aggressive promoting to promote their agenda. Needless to say, Austin residents weren’t receptive […]

  • The Weaponized Web: Levers Within The Digital Promoting Ecosystem

    Digital advertising is actually an AI-driven world bazaar of human attention. Within this automated market, attention distributors promote advertising inventory to the highest bidder amongst a pool of consumers storied stretch symbol america reels through real-time bidding. On the supply-side, buyers specify the kind of attention they would like to bid for, viewers parameters, most […]

  • How Uber Found That 80% Of Its Adverts Had Been Useless Medium

    By default Google will present ads to folks in or “intersted in” the chosen location. You can change this to solely present ads to folks really current in the specified location, from campaign degree location targeting. I spend low 5 figures per month on ads and changing this parameter has significantly lowered poor high quality […]